Woo hoo! Our new website at hplct.org has finally launched with some awesome major enhancements:

  • a new design, created by the very talented The Pita Group
  • new site content
  • a new catalog system called Encore
  • new information architecture
  • new content management system
  • a new way for staff to update content directly through a customized, simplified WYSIWYG editor

So you know…it’s not like it was a huge project or something.

This launch is the culmination of a an eighteen month project that began with strategic planning and a new brand. I want to thank everyone for the intensity of the work that was necessary to see this thing through, especially Mary Crean, Marian Amodeo, Anju Meenatoor, and the entire design and implementation team at The Pita Group. We strove for minimalism and simplicity in both design and content whenever possible.  Every ounce of energy we possess has gone into this project, and it is beyond satisfying to see it go live.

Of the website, Paul Pita, chief of The Pita Group, said, “The new hplct.org helps visitors find exactly what they’re looking for, learn online, participate in educational programs and participate in events that showcase our region’s history, literature and art. We’re proud to work with the Library and its IT partners to integrate new catalog and calendar technologies into the web site, which will bring the library’s phenomenal resources to even more residents of Hartford and the Greater Hartford Region.” Undoubtedly, there will be more changes and enhancements in the days and months ahead, but for now – a deep sigh of relief.  And a beer. Or two.

5 Responses to New Website is Launched

  • Patty Foley says:

    Let me congratulate you on a great NEW LOOK! I can now understand why, among all the wonderful events that are hosted, you have found time to make a great new look to the site and it’s importance to the library patron.

    It’s great! Best to you in the future – I’ll second that beer!

  • Matt Poland says:

    Patty: thank you for your feedback. It was a terrific project in so many ways filled with challenges and new directions. And the result is the hard work of so many. Matt

  • Joseph Cadieux says:

    It’s a lovely job. Very professional, clean, attractive, readable. Two thumbs up!

  • Myriam Salazar says:

    Congratulations on your new look!!! The website looks beautiful and is easy to navigate and to read.


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