A couple of #unselfies outside Hartford Prints

A couple of #unselfies outside Hartford Prints

Giving Tuesday is a new national day of giving that follows the famous Black Friday and the now rising Cyber Monday. This day encourages folks to donate before the holidays amongst all the shopping hype and is an optimal time for nonprofits to raise funds for just one day.

This year Hartford Public Library is going all out with efforts to raise money on Giving Tuesday (December 2 this year). You will see promotions on our E-Newsletter, our Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram and balloons….lots of balloons.

The hashtags “#unselfie” and “#givingtuesday” are prominently used across platforms like Twitter and Instagram to promote Giving Tuesday. Posting a “selfie” involves being very self-aware and on Giving Tuesday those organizations that take part hope to encourage people to be a little more self-less. Posting an “#unselfie” and using that hashtag shows one’s self-less-ness and shows others their support for a particular organization.

This notion of being self-less and posting an “unselfie” goes hand in hand with supporting Giving Tuesday rather than Black Friday. On Black Friday people go out in the middle of the night and brave the force of aggressive shoppers to by material items for their families and sometimes themselves. It’s all about getting the best deal. Giving Tuesday is the opposite. It’s all about giving to others.

To use the #unselfie, the HPL development team will be going around with balloons in the HPL colors and telling people about Giving Tuesday. They will be walking around to branches and popular city destinations while holding a bunch of floating balloons. As they pass people they will hand them postcards with information about Giving Tuesday and ask passer-byes to take an #unselfie with the balloon. This will be a fun way to engage with the community and gain awareness for the Library and Giving Tuesday.

All of the #unselfies that are taken will be posted on a special album on facebook.com/hartfordpubliclibrary for all to see.

Of course all of this effort and all of these balloons are to promote one thing….giving to the Library. These donations will foster learning in our youngest readers, provide critical resources to the city, provide citizenship services to Hartford’s immigrant population, support free job and career guidance, and so much more. Giving Tuesday is an excellent way for us to encourage patrons and the people of Hartford to give back to the place like no other, the Hartford Public Library.

If you would like to learn more about Giving Tuesday at the Library or kindly give a donation, click here.

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