Need to trim your budget but don’t want to give up your tunes, we can help with Freegal.

If you have a Hartford Public Library Card you can download three tunes a week from Freegal with no charge and you get to keep them — that’s 156 tunes a year. That’s a hunk of change…

Here’s how Freegal works:

  • Legally download music for free from the Freegal site
  • All music is free and you get to keep it forever – no due dates
  • All songs work on MP3 players, iPods, iPhones, and so on
  • HPL Library Card holders can download up to three songs each week (the counter resets to zero at 9 p.m. on Sunday evening)
  • Hundreds of thousands of songs in over 100 genres of music are available to download

Quick tips for using Freegal:

  • Have your HPL card handy to login to Freegal
  • Search by genre and artist (bands that start with “The” are listed under the letter “t”)
  • Preview a song by clicking on the arrow to the left of the song title
  • Download a song by clicking “Download Now” and the clicking “Save”
  • If you click “Download Now” and then click “Cancel,” you still use up one of your weekly song downloads
The best things in life are free sometimes.

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