Earthrise – a photo taken by Apollo 8 astronauts in 1968 that inspired the Earth Day movement.

In celebration of Earth Day on Wednesday April 22and in recognition of the recent trend towards the creation of “victory gardens” – Hartford Public Library would love to offer a few suggestions to get your started on your own garden.

First, a word on victory gardens. In 1917 the United States government encouraged people to grow their own fruits and vegetables to assure enough food for the soldiers fighting overseas during World War I. During World War II, over 40 percent of all fruits and vegetables were grown in what were dubbed “victory gardens.”

Today, as a way of avoiding the grocery store and assuring access to healthy food during the pandemic, people are starting their own gardens again. Just this past week, Sarah Rose of Samad Gardens Collective, offered a few tips on HPL’s virtual programming on how to get started with your seeds indoors when it is too cold to be outside.

We have a few suggestions of books from HPL’s online resources to help get you started with your own garden (and give you something to think about).

By Steven Scarpa, Manager, Communications and Public Relations


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